VERABOGADOS, Legal Services, is a multidisciplinary legal firm based in Torrevieja (Alicante), thanks to several partnerships, our practice areas extend to the judicial districts of Alicante,  Elche, Valencia, Murcia and Madrid.

The firm is specialized and mainly deal with the following practice areas: Labour law, Real Estate law, Civil law, Criminal law and Tax law.

Our aim is to provide legal advice to both companies and individuals, we are committed to our customers, helping them to make decisions and to overcome their difficulties. In this sense, we provide a closed quote, enquiry customer’s form and payment facilities.

How to deal with a dismissal? How to manage a rental/lease contract? How to face a divorce? How to negotiate a compensation? By way of example, you may think that the purchase of a property is an easy procedure, but the control of all the legal aspects and presentation of tax assessments on time are not, and thus even an easy process can lead to problems if you are not properly advice by a registered and professional lawyer with years of experience to offer.

In our office we want to escape from the slow and rigid structures of large firms in which they do not know who is dealing with your case or what its stage is, we study the technical aspects of each procedure, with the dedication it deserves, offering an integral, flexible and efficient serious service to defend your interests in the best way.